The Absolute Value Of Life

Imagine a living space that offers you all. The comforts of a modern home. The convenience of modern amenities & facilities. The serenity that comes from nature around you. Located at picturesque Dehradun, we call Orchid Park - absolute living.Because it's complete in every sense of the word.

Green infro design

Orchid Park by Pushpanjali Group is the First Project in north India based On Solar Energy, as part of their Green Initiatives. Electricity generated by the power plants produces carbon dioxide emissions that may pose severe threats to the environment. By utilizing solar energy to heat and cool your home, you're taking advantage of an infinitely renewable energy source, while contributing towards a healthier planet.

Love space

Orchid Park, 3 sides of each home face the open - so you have plenty of fresh air and sunshine to brighten up your home. Living the high life means living in style. It means that we marry modern facilities & conveniences with aesthetically pleasing homes. Because a home should be pleasing to all our senses. Which is why at Orchid Park, we use the most modern of facilities in terms of flooring, fittings & fixtures, kitchen space and much more.

Our Features

  • Luxurious Living at Sustainable Best.
  • 24X7 Emergancy Services.
  • Unrestricted Supply of Solar Power.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities.
  • 65% Green Area.
  • Orchid Park.
  • Adress for the 'Class Apart'.
  • We will also have laundry and Catering service inhouse at Orchid Park.